shanghai supafresh trading co., ltd, which is established in 2009, is a one-stop service company that linking global corefruit sources and providing fresh fruit, its business covers cross-border direct procurement, commercial processing, fresh storaging, cold chain logistics and ...

  • 嘉 果 supafresh


    promoting avocados through all channels

    supporting all year around

    built up the first avocado ripening facility in china

  • 嘉 果 supafresh


    promoting coconuts through all channels

    exclusive agent for k-fresh coconuts in china

    developed coconuts' opener and owned the patent

  • 嘉 果 supafresh

    conference pears

    promoting conference pears through all channels

    in accordance with europe quality standards - reliable guarantee of food safe and quality.

    excellent varieties from netherlands, sweet and soft

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    multi-level management, catering to the different needs of customers.

    origin from us, spain, egypt, australia, new zealand, etc.

    supporting all year around

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    promoting grapefruits through all channels

    origin from ‘rainbow country’, south africa

    ‘ruby grapefruit’, very popular in china market

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    origins from new zealand and south africa

    new variety, mayer lemon, very popular in china market

    promoting lemons through all channels

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    global sourcing high-quality blueberries

    deeply into local plantations

    in 2019, deeply cooperating with peruvian suppliers

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    better origins from us, chile, and etc.

    promoting cherries through all channels

    premium varieties and better suppliers

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    premium origins from us, new zealand and etc.

    organic apples, very popular in china market

    promoting apples through all channels

  • 嘉果 supafresh


    ‘black pearls’ from spain

    unique flavor, high quality from nature

    sweet and soft taste, very popular in china market

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